Reliable protection for protective forces

    When the goings get hot for fire brigades and rescue service crews reliable protective textiles are crucial for survival. In cooperation with renowned partners we have developed quality textile solutions that do not only provide perfect protection but also high wearing quality and comfort... and they even look cool.

    „Standard“ with integrated added value

    Our standard solutions for fire brigades and rescue services provide excellent technical finishing that stands the test in every on-duty activity. These sophisticated products are a small choice from IBENA range of fire retardant fabric.

    IBENA® Nomex Coating Neoprene

    210gsm + 5% 150 + 2cm 100% Nomex + Neoprene

    IBENA® Knitting fabric

    for hoods and underwear DuPontTMNomex® III A, Protex® Cotton, PBI®

    IBENA® Spun Lace

    70 g Thermal barrier, 80 % DuPontTMNomex®, 20 % Kevlar®

    IBENA® Silver Star

    DuPontTM Nomex®

    IBENA® Safe & Soft

    200 g Surface 100 % DuPontTM Nomex® III A, Back side 60 %
    Protex® Cotton, 40 % Tencil, very comfortable and soft fabric

    IBENA® Tide

    180 g / 200 g DuPontTMNomex® III A, ripstop fabric

    Intelligent choice of material

    IBENA protective fabrics are being developed and used in particular for firefighter garments.

    The fabrics for these garments make intelligent use from high performance fibers like DuPont Nomex® or PBI® and guarantee lifetime protection for the firefighters task, which very often is highly dangerous.

    Intelligent choice of material, weave construction and suface treatment of the fabric provide the highest level of life-long safety and lead to the intended wearing comfort (warm or cold, sweat absorbant or water repellent) and easy care properties.

    1. Aluminum coated Nomex fabric
    2. Neoprene coated Nomex fabric
    3. FR sweater for winter
    ( Nomex/Protex/Wool/ Antistatic material)
    4. Nomex face hood
    style: double layer of Nomex fabric
    5. Aluminum coated Kevlar fabric
    anti heat
    6. Kevlar tape & Nomex tape
    high strength
    7. Landun fabric
    NomexIIIA (navy blue) + Kevlar (yellow)  -- outer layer
    8. Lanqi fabric 
    NomexIIIA (navy blue) + NomexIIIA (white) -- outer layer
    9. Nap200RB
    NomexIIIA (navy blue) -- outer layer
    10. Tairui fabric
    Orange NomexIIIA + Nomex/other FR fiber  (white)   -- outer layer
    11. PBI matrix fabric
    gold yellow color - outer layer - PBI/ Kevlar
    12. Neoprene coated Nomex fabric
    scratch resistant  - (weight is heavier than the second one)
    13. TV120 lining
    lining layer - Nomex/FR viscose
    14. IBENA Lanbo fabric
    73% Nomex / 25% Kevelar / 2% P140


    IBENA Shanghai Technical Textiles Co. Ltd No. 258 Jinzhang Road Zhangyan County Jinshan District Shanghai, P.R. China Zip Code: 201514 Email: fireservice-china@ibena.com

    IBENA: Exclusive Quality Partner of DuPont™ Nomex® in China

    IBENA Nomex fabric guarantee lifetime protection for the firefighters task, which very often is highly dangerous.