IBENA Shanghai Technical Textiles co.ltd

Technical capabilities. Quality. Innovation.

As one of the first German textile Companies in China (since 1994) IBENA Shanghai Technical Textiles ltd. combines technological innovation and high quality management competence of a European technological market leader in the area of protective fabrics and industrial textiles with the famous traditional Chinese craftmanship and local knowhow.

Firefighters, industrial workers as well as airforce, landforce and marine trust their lives to IBENA protective cloth for their apparel meeting high functional standards and norms. Thanks to IBENAs nearly 200 years of textile tradition and its strategical and exclusive Association with world technology leaders in supply of inherently flame resistant material and fibres, IBENA is world-wide reknown as quality leader in its fields of expertise.

Surely all industrial Textiles made in Shanghai are fabricated according German quality standards. Next to fabric for protective garments, IBENA also produces decatizing fabrics, automotive seating fabrics and home textiles.


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